Daylight is a webcomic about a fractured world recovering from a cataclysmic event that took place about 35 years ago. Our story focuses on Daily, a teenage girl covered in scars who wakes up without any memory of who she is or how she got there. She (reluctantly) sets out with the optimistic angel-winged Kip to figure out what happened to her. Finding the answers to her questions will be dangerous, but luckily she's not alone! Kip, a not-so-serious priest, and a non-lethal gunslinger join Daily on her quest. Guilt, community, trust, and the capacity for empathy will be tested on this journey just as much as lives will be threatened.

Updates weekly on Sundays.

Daylight is a collaborative comic illustrated by Rachel Sullivan, and written by Travis Byrd and Rachel Sullivan. We're mostly doing this for fun and as a creative outlet, but we appreciate your readership!

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